Introducing: Indosole

Preventing tires from polluting the environment

On 16th February 2019, Indosole was participating in Bali's Biggest Beach Clean Up where over 20,000 people in over 120 locations, collected trash on Bali's beaches. This is an annual initiative led by One Island One Voice to address Bali's big problem with pollution from fx. plastic.

Besides cleaning beaches Indosole also makes unique products - using the pollution as a ressource. Their ressource comes from old dirty tires. 

There is a massive amount of tire waste in the world and Bali based Indosole is eager to change that.

Waste tires sit in stockyards, illegal dumping sites, and even rivers. In tropical countries tires can become breeding grounds for mosquitos, which lead to nasty diseases like malaria and dengue fever.

"Indosole is a certified B Corporation — one of over 1,000 companies using business as a force for good."

Due to their structure, tires take thousands of years to decompose. So technically the first tire ever made could still be out there somewhere.

In third world countries tires are used as a cheap alternative for fuel. This, along with tires that catch fire due to lightning storms, result in toxic oils and fumes that are harmful for human health.

Indosole repurpose the used tires and makes recycled durable footwear - and they are damn good at it. 


 Our favorites

Thoughtful and strong ingredients combined with Indosoles signature recycled tire sole technology and an affordable price make the ESSNTLS the most ‘ECOnomical’ flip flop in the world. The Flip Flop comes in multiple colors, so check out Asset Store and find your favorite color. 

The new Indosoles ESSNTLS footwear line is based around the new SETT® (SOLE ENGINEERED TIRE TECHNOLOGY) production, meaning there is a no waste by-product. With the new SETT® manufacturing process every part of the tire is condensed and remolded into a shoe sole. As landfill guardians the company tracks each step of our production process to be the greenest and the cleanest.