Introducing: Qnoop

Did you know that you lose 1.3 socks every month?

That's over 260 million socks per year for a country like Netherland - in Denmark that number would be 90 million socks.

Waste of time looking for the other one, so you just put the one sock in the dresser and hope for the the other one to appear? But do you ever find it? No.
You stay with a solitary sock and eventually throw it away. Qnoop socks have a dot and loop to solve this problem forever. One sock comes with a biodegradable button, and the other comes with an easy loop adding functionality and flair to your average pair or socks.    
Qnoop is the Dutch design label that has been addressing this issue. They design out of a 100% sustainable mindset, everything from design, materials, production, delivery and use. 
"Our vision on sustainability is simple. Style should not stand in the way of the environment, these two aspects must be able to stand hand in hand with each other." - Qnoop
With an emphasis on design, quality and innovation, Qnoop creates a collection of organic cotton socks in a wide variety of styles and colours.
Besides focusing on that the socks stay together, Qnoop socks is also made from the best organic cotton with no toxic and chemicals used in the process. They dye their product in a GOTS and OEKO-TEX100 dying house and the dying house re-uses 20% of the water from the process. The water that can’t be recycled follows its own pipeline and is later treated at a waste water treatment plant. Therefore, no water used in the process is released to nature.
Qnoop does have a footprint, just like any other in this world, but in order to compensate for the small CO2 emission they have, they plant trees and undertake social and sustainable projects. 
I think that we can say that everything is thought of!