Pullover, Ole Merino Sweatpants, Black

1.100 DKK

Sweatpants in Merino wool from Pullover.

- Merino wool is perfect natural material to keep you warm in the winter

- Colour: Black 

- Made in Italy

Why Merino Wool? 

Merino wool is a lightweight material and has a natural way of keeping you warm. It has a natural way of regulating heat and transporting sweat. Arguably, it’s just as good of a summertime material as it is winter. Another benefit is merino wool’s ability to insulate when wet. Besides that merino wool is softer and more comfortable to wear than normal wool, so you won't get that itching and scratching when wearing your Merino item. 

So forget about all the new expensive high tech materials - Merino Wool is the natural source to feeling comfortable, warm and safe all in one. 

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