Dick Moby

"We want to make something positive out of plastic and by doing so addressing the problem of plastic pollution."

Amsterdam-based Dick Moby wants to deal with the plastic pollution, by up-cycling ocean plastic into stylish quality sunglasses which are handmade in Italy.


The Lost Explorer

L.A based eco-brand, The Lost Explorer, is a brand devoted to nature and sustainability. They are all about natural materials, sustainable sourcing, transparency and giving back by investing 100% of profits in projects about nature.

"Our products won't save the world. It's what you do that might"



Ivywake is the british brand you should know when it comes to sustainability and transparency. Ivywake has put out all of their supply chain for us to see that they really mean it.

Besides that they also focuses on using sustainable materials as organic cotton, merino wool, lambswool and pineapple leaves.

If that wasn't enoug Ivywake also donates 10% of every item sold to bring solar energy to a rural medical clinic in Africa, so that they will be able to store lifesaving medicines and vaccines.



Ever lost a sock in the washing machine? Yes, you have.

Amsterdam based Qnoop is making up with this problem and produces organic socks with their signature button, so that your socks always stick together.

Qnoop is a creative label that brings together a passion for aesthetics and design with a 100% sustainable mindset. Their innovative design thinking created the way for their unique organic socks



"Thoughtfully made footwear for your everyday travels and adventures"

Bali-based Indosole want to adress the massive problem with tire waste. Due to their structure, tires take thousands of years to decompose. Tires are being burned, leading to toxic oils and fumes. Indosole repurpose these indestructible tires into the soles of some of the most durable footwear around.


One Green Bottle

One Green Bottle is a brand based on a solid ethos and with extremely functional products. In just 3 years they became the foremost supplier of stainless steel bottles into the UK and Europe.

Stainless steel is a food grade product, tested and trusted by the food and beverage industries. It is easy to clean, toxin free, non leaching, odour and taste free, recyclable and robust for continued usage. We can all make a big difference by not buying single use plastic bottles


Bridge & Tunnel

The German brand with roots in Hamburg, Bridge & Tunnel, focuses on giving new life to used materials. Their denim design is created from post- & pre-consumer waste (old textiles and material excess). Valuable material resources which they present in a minimalistic style. Together with their own staff and professionals, their production team also consists of refugees and people with social disabilities. Bridge & Tunnel help those people by getting a job and also provide assistance in dealing with authorities, legal issues and accommodation.


Pullover was founded by danish entrepreneur Klaus Samsøe, in the search for quality, timeless, long lasting products. With Pullover Klaus has created a brand that combines Nordic design and sustainability. Sustainability is an important measure at Pullover, which is why all the products are made from sustainable materials such as organic cotton, recycled cashmere and merino wool.