Bridge & Tunnel

Bridge & Tunnel, Weekender, Blue

600 DKK 1.600 DKK

Bridge & Tunnel made out of used black and grey jeans.

Whether you use it for short trips, as an elegant sports bag or for people who carry a lot around - Bridge and Tunnel' weekender does it all. It is equipped with an inside pocket and two outside pockets so that little things do not get confused. The side loops give it a compact design, they can - in acute space shortage - but also open and the Weekender thereby increased.

100% handmade in Hamburg.

Every product is unique.

Outer material: recycled denim
Belt: 80% PES / 20% PP with ÖkoTex certificate
Floor: recycled PVC
processed jeans: 2

Length: 55 cm
Width: 28 cm
Height: 26cm
Carrier: 55cm

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